Photography Trends In 2018

I've put together a forecast, using snippets from recent shoots, of the key trends and themes that I believe will stand out in photography this year. 

Product Photography Trends 2018

Lavender Hues-  Set to take the place of the 'millennial pink', this year's Pantone colour of 2018 is Ultra Violet. With a similar soft feel to last year's favourite, this colour will certainly be popping up across social media feeds this year. 

Sharp Shadows - I've seen a shift over the last year or so in terms of lighting, moving from soft (having hardly any shadows) to sharp contrasting shadows, giving the images a much more retro feel. Created with the use of hard light, this strong look creates an eye-catching aesthetic, ideal for fashion and beauty photography. 

Retro Textures- Teamed with the hard light and a faded process, I've seen lots of retro textures in use as platforms. backgrounds and props in product photography. My favourites are Terrazzo and birch wood. 

Female Lead- As we've seen so far this year, girl power is certainly having a strong influence on photography and social media. From empowering slogans to images of inspirational women, it shows just how powerful photography can be.